Model films from her back pocket to see how many people stare at her

A woman walked the streets of Miami with a phone hidden in her back pocket to see how many people stared at her backside while she was out and about.

Footage gathered by model Alexas Morgan, 24, catches a number of men taking a look as she strolls past.

At the beginning of the clip, she explains: “I’m going to see how many stares my booty gets,” before tucking the phone into her back pocket.

The compilation video shows several men turning around to gawp in her direction as Alexas strolls through a supermarket and past a bar filled with drinkers.

The trend to film how many people are caught on camera staring from a phone in the back pocket originated on TikTok.

The model shared the video on her Instagram, where she has more than four million followers, and it has received more than 120,000 likes.

People were left in stitches by some of the hilarious reactions she caught on camera – with one man caught grinning in appreciation while two drinkers appear to follow her with a lingering eye as she walks past a sports bar.

The model edited the clip to add voice-overs to each man caught looking in her direction.

“Which reaction was your fav?” Alexas asked on Instagram.

Many praised the last man caught on camera, who was seen peeking from behind a set of trolleys.

One person wrote: “I’m crying the last one,” and Alexas joked: “He almost broke his neck lol.”

Another agreed, replying: “It was the last one for me. Dude turned his head a whole 180 just to see.”

One person asked why she filmed the video and the model explained that she had done it as a dare.

Hundreds of people were left in stitches – although they might have felt differently if they’d spotted someone they knew.

One man joked: “Pull this s*** in front of me in front of my wife, watch me poke my wife so she can see too.”

Another added: “Dude really peeked out of the isle[sic] to look again.

“Lmaooo you bomb but some of these dudes got no mannerism, thirst be real asf.”

But the model revealed that not all the video’s subjects were bothered by the video – as she replied: “He followed me too!”